Streamgage Overview

What is a Streamgage?

  • A device that can provide continuous information on streamflow, water level, water quality, and/or precipitation
  • Streamflow is a volume of water that passes a point on a stream per unit of time



USGS Monitoring Network

Kentucky Real-time

  • Surface Water Sites
  • Water Quality Sites
  • Ground Water Sites
  • Precipitation Gages
  • Lake/Reservoir Gages
  • 4 “Super” Gages 2019




Uses of the Data

▪ Planning, forecasting, and warning about floods and droughts

▪ Managing water rights and transboundary water issues ▪ Operating waterways for power production and navigation

▪ Monitoring environmental conditions to protect aquatic habitats

▪ Describing impacts to streamflow from changing land and water uses

▪ Assessing water quality and regulating pollutant discharges

▪ Determining if streams are safe for recreational activities

▪ Designing reservoirs, roads, bridges, drinking water and wastewater facilities



Presentations by USGS

Download the following presentations given at a KAMM Conference



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