2013 Conference Recap

Back to Basics

General Butler State Resort Park
Carrollton KY
KAMM 2013 Conference Agenda


Pre-Conference: August 26

GPS Basics
Danielle Kelly: Kentucky Data    
Danielle Kelly & Abbie Jones: GIS Mapping Basics


Annual Conference

August 27
Brad Loar, FEMA Region IV:  FEMA’s Efforts to Enhance Community Resilience

John Gordon, Chief Meteorologist, NWS Louisville:
Kentucky Weather. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
US Weather Fatalities
Frost Warning Wmv V9-1

Louie Greenwell, T&M Associates: I Built a Safe Room in My Basement…No Really, I Did!

Abby Rains, KDOW: EPA’s New Stormwater Rule

William Andrews Jr., PhD, PG KGS: Non-Flood Geologic Hazards in Kentucky and Information Resources at the Kentucky Geological Survey

Bonus: Analysis of the Geologic Context of Maintenance Costs for Rockfalls, Landslides, and Sinkholes in Kentucky – Project Overview

Earthquake videos: Scec-shakeout-simulation-1 &  ShakeOutPalmSprings

Laura Algeo, FEMA RIV: Understanding FEMA’s Letter of Map Change Process part1 & Understanding FEMA’s Letter of Map Change Process part2

National flood hazard data video

August 28

Plenary Todd Bass, FEMA RIV:  KAMM BW 12 Plenary

Carey Johnson and Steve Noe: Biggert-Waters, Risk MAP, Mitigation…Oh My!

Laura Algeo, RIV:  Elevation_Certificate_Workshop

Carey Johnson, KDOW and Louie Greenwell, T&M Associates: A Little Less Conversation…A Little More ACTION!

Handout: Action Strategy Notes

Wes Sydnor, Louisville MSD, and John Rickets, URS: Louisville MSD Green Infrastructure Update

Brian Gathy, UK Martin School HMGP Office: Back to Basics – Nuances of Mitigation Project Management   

Sam Fleming, Dewberry: Gwinnett County Stormwater System Assessment Program

Demetrio Zourarakis, KY Division of Geographic Information: Geospatial Analysis At Your Fingertips: Imagery And Terrain Exploitation From On-Line Services

Joe Sullivan, NWS Louisville: How to Watch and Understand the Weather

August 29

Bill Smith: OFMA Disaster Response Team

Josh Human and Ben Anderson, U of L CHR:  KY HMP Risk Assessment

John Malueg, Stantec: NYC Post Sandy – Lessons for All of Us

Doug Eades, KYEM: CHAMPS – An Introduction