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Nomination for 2021 Mitigation Project of the Year

Please tell us about the nominee and address the following topics:

Leadership – ability to influence the activities of others in efforts toward goal achievement.

Inspiration to Others – coached or mentored others who have assumed mitigation responsibilities and has attributed to their success.

Vision – The current vision, mission, and strategic priorities are visible and ingrained in the culture of the organization.

Impact on Community/Organization – efforts/projects/initiatives have positively impacted the community in a quantifiable way.

Community Engagement – efforts/projects/initiatives have gained the involvement of the community.

Promotion of Educational Awareness – spread knowledge and increased public awareness on hazard mitigation.

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Please be thorough in your justification. We will use this description during the award ceremony for the award winner. Please give us all names of persons involved with a project.
Please discuss how this project has promoted the increase in public awareness of hazard mitigation.
Please discuss how this person/project had a positive impact upon the community and if/how the community was involved.

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