KAMM’s First Silent Auction and Mitigation Concept


KAMM Silent Auction

KAMM is excited to announce the first ever Silent Auction!  Proceeds from the Silent Auction will go toward the KAMM annual mitigation project.  Donations are tax-deductible.  The Silent Auction closed Wednesday at 5:30 pm and KAMM netted over $1,000 for the annual project.


KAMM Mitigation Project

KAMM partnered with Kentucky Dam Village SRP to develop a stormwater mitigation project.  Erosion from multiple significant rainfall events has degraded the waterfront pavilion area.  With help from Patrick Dominik our conference sponsor Saback, Wilson, and Lingo (SWL), we have designed a project that demonstrates a risk reduction best practice. 


KAMM 2017 Mitigation Project Design

Mitigation Project Concept Map by SWL


Pat Dominik, SWL, explains the Mitigation Concept Design