KAMM Annual 2016 Conference Recap

The Changing Climate of Mitigation

Kentucky Dam State Resort Park

August 22 – 25, 2016

2016 KAMM Conference agenda final 

Welcome: KAMM State of the Union – Carey Johnson

Agency Meet and Greet

Meet the KAMM Board

Matt Crawford, KGS: Research, Data Delivery, and Hazard Assessment at the Kentucky Geological Survey

Brandon Brummett, USACE Louisville: USACE Programs and Authority

Abby Rains, KDOW: Overview of the New MS4 Permit

Toby Spalding, City of Radcliffe & Chad McCormick, Land Design and Development, Inc. : Radcliff City Goes Green to Protect Karst

Geni Jo Brawner, KYEM: Hazard Mitigation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Mike Woolum & Chris Rust, Strand Associates: The Willow Run Watershed Success Story – Integrated Planning and Green Infrastructure Solutions

Doug Eades, KYEM & Josh Human, Stantec: Success Stories using CHAMPS

Christina Groves, CRS Specialist: CRS 101

Kristen Martinenza, FEMA IV: Understanding FEMA’s Letter of Map Change (LOMC) Process

Susan Wilson, FEMA RIV: Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program – What to Expect

Kristen Dunaway & Meghan Dunn, AECOM: Coal Run Village, Kentucky: Flood Mitigation in Action

Jeremiah Lant, USGS: Flood Inundation Mapping Along the North Fork of the KY River in Hazard

Stephanie Robey, KYEM: Mitigation’s Role in Disaster Declarations

Cindy Minter, Campbell County: What is Your Library Worth? Empowering Your Community with CRS Credit

Neal Crawford & Ben Shinabery, QK4: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Brian Gathy & Nick Grinstead, UK HMGP/KYEM: Match Making

Handout: Audit Tips For Managing Disaster-Related Project Costs

Sharlie Khan, Louisville MSD & James McCallon, Prime AE: Maximizing Grant Opportunities by Utilizing a Flood Prone Structure Inventory

Demetrio Zourarakis, KY Division of Geographic Information: Working Smart with Point Cloud Big Data

Keld Madsen, AMEC: Community Engagement for Hydraulic Inventory Data Collection

Sarah Taylor, Geomorphics: Leveraging Funding to Create Opportunities

Lori Rafferty, Louisville MSD: How to Move up in CRS from a Local’s Perspective

J P Carsone, Louisville MSD: Building Public and Private Mitigation Partnerships; The Beginning of the Louisville Metro Silver Jackets

Christina Groves: CRS Credit for Emergency Manager Role and Emergency Operations Plan: CRS Activity 610

Interagency Nonstructural Flood Risk Management Workshop: Carey Johnson, KDOW; Stephen O’Leary JoAnn Combs, Brandon Brummett, USACE; Geni Jo Brawner, KYEM

Joe Sullivan, NWS: Decision Support Services – the Future of the NWS

Justin Boldt, USGS: Using a Multibeam Echosounder for Surveying Underwater Bathymetry

Jason Robinson & Samantha Johnson, AML: Oriole Mines AML Reclamation Project

Carey Johnson, KDOW & Mike Taylor, AECOM: Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC) Recommendations

Annemarie Cason, KDOW: ArcGIS Online to Share Information with Stakeholders

Emory Kidd, Metcalfe County EMA & Amanda LeMaster, KYEM: Metcalfe County Radio Distribution Initiative

Sean Sheffer, Union County & Davis Murphy, AECOM: Union County and FEMA’s New Levee Analysis and Mapping Procedures

Esther White & Geni Jo Brawner, KYEM: Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs

Alex VanPelt, KDOW: NFIP Best Practices

Dave Herndon, City of Hopkinsville: Confronting Flooding from Multiple Angles, Hopkinsville’s Approach to Flood