KAMM 2021 Mitigation Grant Program Application

We are excited that you are applying for a Community Mitigation Grant! Please complete the required fields below.

You may upload supporting documents if you would like. Additional documentation is not required for the application.

The Awards and Grant Committee will contact all grantees on April 16. We will request awardees submit a brief Scope of Work including schedule and budget to setup the grantee award for signature.

You will receive an email auto-confirmation from us when you submit. If you have questions, please contact us at help@kymitigation.org/

KAMM 2021 Mitigation Grant Program Application
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Briefly outline the proposed mitigation solution.
Who will benefit from the project? Include any community engagement or stakeholder involvement or partnerships.
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Approximately how long will the project take until completion? Please estimate the schedule for each phase of the project.
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