Flood Risk Communication Toolkit

Flood Risk Communication Toolkit

May 2019

FEMA’s Risk Management Directorate released their Flood Risk Communication Toolkit and YouTube video series.  The Toolkit and videos help FEMA deliver on its promise to provide simpler, more consistent experiences for its customers.  These resources are designed to empower community officials when talking with the public about flood risk in the effort to create more resilient homes and communities.  

The Flood Risk Communication Toolkit includes several components, including a Start Guide that introduces the user to the components and provides helpful tips for discussing complex risk topics in a meaningful way. 

The YouTube video series includes eight 2- to 5-minute videos that showcase personal stories from around the country that communicate technical information in a relatable manner.

  • Intro to the NFIP
  • Flood Insurance and Communities
  • Flood Risk Basics and Communities
  • Intro to Risk MAP
  • Providing input as map is developed
  • Collecting data to create flood maps
  • We have a Map. Now what?
  • Mitigation

FEMA’s YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL720Kw_OojlIUiWw2bDc-On5MjQw13E6e