Flood Mitigation Committee

Flood Mitigation Committee (FMC)

To join the committee or for information, please contact Committee Chairs – Sarah Taylor or Stacy Smith or KAMM Board Mentor Joe Sullivan.

Contact us at help@kymitigation.org.


Plan to join us for the Flood Mitigation Committee calls!

2023 Committee Meetings are quarterly (EST) at 10:00 am. We meet via Microsoft Teams.  

    • March 21st @ 10:00
    • June 20th  @ 10:00
    • September @ conference (TBD)
    • December 19th @ 10:00



2023 Committee Meeting Notes

Link to January 2023 notes: January 2023 FMC Meeting Notes


Committee Mission Statement

Our mission is helping KAMM members promote Flood Mitigation within their communities through identifying their risks, promoting funding opportunities, and providing best practice examples. 


Committee Goals

  • Engage members and communities to share success stories and lessons learned
  • FMC to reach out and highlight mitigation stories
  • Plan field trip during KAMM Conferences and Regional KAMM Trainings if applicable


Committee Workplan


June 21, 2022 Committee Agendas and Reports and Notes

Link to the Q2_2022_FMC_meeting

Link to the Flood Mitigation Committee Notes June 21


March 20, 2022 Committee Agendas and Reports and Notes

Link to the Q1_2022_FMC_meeting

Link to the Flood Mitigation Committee Meeting Attendance and Notes March 20 2022


KAMM 2020 Virtual Conference Meeting Minutes

Link to the KAMM 2020 Conference Flood Committee Notes 9-21-2020


KAMM Board 2018 Winter Retreat Report Out


January 24, 2017 Committee Notes


August 2017 KAMM Conference Notes









KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.

Have questions, contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  

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