Emergency Management Committee


Emergency Management Committee

Contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  

To join the committee or for information, please contact Co-Committee Chairs Jason York or Brittany Duvall or KAMM Board Mentors Geni jo Brawner and Nick Grinstead..


Committee Mission Statement

The Emergency Management Committee will assist both Emergency Management and Floodplain Management to better utilize the synergy that exists with their positions.  This committee will strive to develop programs that will identify those areas which Emergency Management and Floodplain can best benefit from partnerships on common projects and goals for the safety of their citizens.


2018/2019 Committee Goals

  1. To develop written guidance (via a crosswalk and/or set of SOPs) that illustrates and explains the possible or assumed and expected integrations of practiced Emergency Management and Floodplain Management.
  2. Continue to develop trainings and exercises relevant to the daily responsibilities of emergency managers.
  3. To partner KAMM with professional associations and other groups whose efforts involves emergency management.
  4. Develop emergency management-specific uniform Community Rating System (CRS) activities.


KAMM 2022 Conference EM Committee Report

With several disasters over the last few years, and multiple levels of personal experience within those disasters represented on the committee, the committee felt it was vastly important to have the roles of Emergency Management and Floodplain Coordinator personnel clearly defined.  Our goal over the next year, is to provide assistance to the local governments on how to fill these positions, what roles each personnel should play, and how to best provide real time recovery efforts.

Ways to achieve these goals are stated here:

  • Define and quantify the roles of Emergency Managers and Floodplain Manager
  • Upon identifying these idealized roles for the two positions, present the analysis specifically to local officials, e.g., Judge/Executives, Mayors, Commissioners, et al.
  • Create trainings for governments, hired personnel, conferences, etc.


2020 KAMM Virtual Conference Meeting Minutes

Thank you for joining the virtual meeting! 

Link to the KAMM 2020 Conference, EM Committee, Notes, 9-21-2020


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KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.

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