CRS Program in Kentucky


Kentucky’s CRS Program

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Which Kentucky Communities are in CRS?

The CRS is a voluntary program for NFIP-participating communities.  As of October 2022 there are 37 Kentucky communities in the CRS. 

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Presentations by ISO/Verisk at the 2022 KAMM Conference

Introduction and Overview of the Community Rating System Program – Amanda Gowans, ISO/Verisk

The 2021 Addendum to the CRS Coordinator’s Manual – Amanda Gowans, ISO/Verisk


Kentucky State Based Credit

Date of Verification: January 1, 2017

The CRS provides credits to communities for certain state laws, regulations, and standards that support floodplain management within a state and have proven effective in reducing flood damage.  This Verification Report is provided to explain the recommendations of Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) to DHS/FEMA concerning state-based credits under the Community Rating System (CRS) within the above state. 

State-based credit is awarded to communities for activities that are implemented and enforced by the State.  The credit is provided to each community in the State and documentation is not needed from the community.  Other potential credit lists the CRS activities where communities may receive CRS credit based on, or due to, state or regional programs that are within the community.  The potential credits must be community verified by the ISO/CRS Specialists within each community, since enforcement is done at the community (or regional) level.

Link to Kentucky State Based Credit


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