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The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to states, cities, and counties to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons. The program is authorized under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, Public Law 93-383.

Community Development Block Grants Funding and Guidance

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grantees receive funding from HUD to support HUD’s mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD grantees include state and local governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations, public housing authorities, and tribal entities.

Learn more about the work and community impact of HUD grantees’ work building affordable housing, creating jobs, building infrastructure, planning for disasters and disaster recovery, providing supportive services, and much more.

Learn More, link to HUD’s Grantee Project Descriptions.



Project Descriptions: What HUD Grantees are Doing Across the Nation

Link to CDBG Project Profiles

CDBG Project Profiles

Learn how communities are using CDBG funds to stimulate the economy, help people with low and moderate incomes secure stable and safe housing, build infrastructure to create a suitable and sustainable living environment, and more.




Conducting a Needs Assessment for Mitigation – CDBG Webinar

On October 10, 2019, FEMA partnered with the (HUD to host a webinar for HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) grantees on how to conduct a mitigation needs assessment.  This webinar is part of a series that HUD is hosting for their CDBG-MIT grantees to provide detailed guidance and support on the grant requirements. 

This CDBG-MIT grant is unique in that it is the federal government’s largest single investment in disaster mitigation. In addition to covering how to conduct a mitigation needs assessment, this October 10th webinar also detailed FEMA’s community lifelines and how the seven lifelines should be applied to a mitigation needs assessment.  

To access the webinar recording, visit:



Explore CDBG Online Technical Assistance Products

Explore CDBG Technical Assistance Products

This collection of online technical assistance products will help grantees:

  • Create transformative impact in your community, improve the lives of all residents, and especially those with low and moderate income levels
  • Develop strategies that bring partners and resources together, leveraging funds and building community assets
  • Implement your program effectively, increasing the likelihood of successful projects

View Explore CDBG for detailed information.


CDBG-DR Policy Guide for Grantees

September 2019

The Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Policy Guide reflects guidance provided in CDBG-DR Federal Register Notices and policy documents since 2016. It provides grantees, subrecipients, and program partners with central and easy access to recent HUD policy guidance indexed based on common disaster recovery topics:

  • General Program Requirements
  • Housing Activities
  • Voluntary Purchases of Real Property (Buyouts and Acquisitions)
  • Economic Development/Revitalization
  • Public Facilities and Public Improvements
  • Other Program Requirements

This guide will assist grantees to develop and administer CDBG-DR programs in compliance with HUD rules and cross-cutting federal regulations.

View the CDBG-DR-Policy-Guide