Awards and Grants Committee

To join the committee or for information, please contact Committee Chair Mario Sebastiani.

The Awards and Grants Committee meeting occurs fourth Tuesday of every month from 3:30 to 4:00 PM Eastern via Teams.

2024 Meeting Notes

January Meeting

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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee was formed in 2019 with a focus on Awards, Community Grants, and Scholarships. The main roles of the committee are to:

  1. Determine the winners for Mitigation Project of the Year and Mitigation Manager of the Year for annual KAMM awards
  2. Distribute scholarships for annual KAMM conference
  3. Award grants to communities

Mitigation Awards

  • Solicit nominations from KAMM membership for mitigation awards
  • Determine winner for each of the awards based on rubric
  • Present award plaque to award winner/s

Annual Scholarships to KAMM Conference

  • Advertise scholarship opportunities
  • Respond to requests for scholarships
  • Award scholarships according to guidelines – by KAMM Regions

Community Mitigation Grants

The Awards Committee is responsible for the administration of any grant program established by the KAMM Board.  KAMM will allocate funds towards a grant program for its members on an annual basis or as directed by the Board.  These grants may vary by year depending on KAMM’s budget and the availability of funds. 

Grants responsibilities of the Awards Committee may include:  

  • Advertise the availability of grant funding
  • Receive and review the grant applications
  • Award grants
  • Oversee grant implementation

Funds from the Community Grant Fundraiser (Silent Auction) will be used to fund any grants. 

Awards and Grants Committee Meeting at the KAMM 2020 Virtual Conference

Thank you for attending the committee meeting!   

Link to the KAMM Awards Committee 2020 Report Out







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