2024 Regional Trainings Recap

KAMM’s Regional Representatives and Representative At-Large Alex VanPelt successfully completed excellent training days in each of KAMM’s four regions during March. Held in Hopkinsville, Louisville, Frankfort, and Hazard, experts shared critical hazard mitigation knowledge with 97 attendees.

Thank you to all of our presenters for sharing your expertise with the KAMM family — the knowledge you provided goes back to our communities as we continue our mitigation missions together for the Commonwealth.



Region I



Region I Agenda

Region I Certificates of Attendance









Region II

KAMM Region II Rep, Meghan Brown, led an all-star cast of mitigation experts in spreading knowledge of interesting programs, local success stories, and vital floodplain management updates. Training hosts at Louisville Water Authority provided a great tour of the historic, newly-renovated facility, and some after-session KAMMers continued the networking at Mile Wide Brewing to raise some funds for the KAMM Community Mitigation Grant Fund. 

Region II Agenda

Region II Certificates of Attendance

MSD’s Urban Reforestation Program: Meredith Meyers, Louisville MSD

DR4702 Summary and After Actions: Mike Nolan, Louisville Public Works


Louisville Metro Urban Catastrophic Flood Plan Update: Meghan Brown & Mike Reagan, MSD
 JP Carsone, Arcadis

Floodplain Management Updates: Alex VanPelt, KDOW

Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) and KY’s New Role: Kaycie Len Carter, KDOW
                   LOMC Quick Reference







Region III


Region III Agenda

Region III Certificates of Attendance


The 2024 KAMM Region III Training was held at the Paul Sawyier Public Library in Frankfort on March 12, 2024.  Attendees from across Region III participated in important discussions regarding hazard mitigation in Kentucky.  The morning session was kicked off with introductions by Mario Sebastiani, the KAMM Region III Representative, and included a presentation from the KY DOW’s Licking Basin Coordinator, Brian Storz, on Morehead Green Sinks followed by a presentation from KY DOW’s NFIP Coordinator, Alex VanPelt, on Floodplain Management Updates during lunch. The afternoon session included presentations from UK’s Matt Crawford on Assessing Landslide Susceptibility and Risk in Eastern KY through FEMA HMGP Projects, KY DOW’s LOMR Review Coordinator, Kaycie Len Carter, on Letter of Map Revisions: Kentucky’s New Role, and final remarks from Mario Sebastiani.


Flood Mitigation with Green Sinks: Brian Storz, KDOW

Assessing Landslide Susceptibility and Risk in Eastern Kentucky Through FEMA HMGP Projects: Matt Crawford, KGS

Floodplain Management Updates: Alex VanPelt, KDOW


Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) and KY’s New Role: Kaycie Len Carter, KDOW
LOMC Quick Reference



Region IV

Region IV Agenda

Region IV Certificates of Attendance

Participants had a brisk but sunny trip as they traveled to Hazard. The training focused on topics pertinent to Region IV, which comprises parts of central and eastern Kentucky.

While it seems apparent that landslides would occur in Eastern Kentucky, where one thinks of the mountainous region of the Daniel Boone National Forest, the audience learned that, in addition to that region, landslides occur in all regions of the state. Matt Crawford, with the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS), enlightened the group on the work being conducted to better assess landslides across the state. His team focuses on the statistical assessment of landslides, which relies heavily on lidar data to model susceptibility and evaluate the probability of landslide occurrence across slopes. For landslide risk assessment, Matt emphasized the need for local data in perfecting the models, particularly parcel data. If you can assist the KGS by supplying them with parcel data from your Property Valuation Administration (PVA), the information would be much appreciated.

Assessing Landslide Susceptibility and Risk in Eastern Kentucky Through FEMA HMGP Projects: Matt Crawford, KGS

Another exciting development occurring in Region IV is the use of abandoned mine lands being used as safe and affordable housing outside of the floodplain. There are several subdivision developments underway in eastern Kentucky but Angie Hall, with the Perry County Fiscal Court, discussed the Skyview Development in particular. Currently, the project is focusing on Phase I, which covers about fifty acres. ARC funds and matching funds by Eastern Kentucky SAFE will install water, sewer, and other infrastructure needs in 2024.

Sky View Housing Development: Angelia Hall, Perry County

Kaycie Len Carter, with the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW), discussed in detail the changes occurring with letters of map change. LOMAs, CLOMR-Fs, and LOMR-Fs are still reviewed by FEMA. As of January 1, 2024, CLOMRs and LOMRs are reviewed by KDOW. Kaycie Len is charged with oversight of this process and questions regarding letters of map change can be directed to her.

Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) and KY’s New Role: Kaycie Len Carter, KDOW
LOMC Quick Reference

As usual, Alex VanPelt was a wealth of information related to all things floodplain management in the State of Kentucky. Alex discussed several draft changes on the horizon for the floodplain management program. Some of the legislative changes are designed to streamline language in Kentucky’s regs to mirror the code of federal regulations.

Floodplain Management Updates: Alex VanPelt, KDOW


Thanks to all of KAMM’s Regional Representatives and Rep-at-Large, Alex VanPelt, for organizing and executing the trainings!







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