2023 KAMM Conference Presentations






KAMM Speaker LineUp


2023 KAMM Preconference Agenda


Pre-Conference Sessions

NFIP 101: Alex VanPelt, KDOW

Incident Management Workshop: Colin Glover & Ryan Lewis, CISA

CRS 101: Tracie Belongia, Verisk

Water Quality Certification Workshop: Samantha Vogeler, KY DEP


2023 KAMM Conference Agenda


Tuesday Sessions

KAMM State of the Union Opening Address: Esther White, KAMM Executive Director

Eastern Kentucky Expedited Buyouts: Stacy Smith, KYEM & Kelsey Goodman, FEMA RIV

Substantial Damage Response Planning (SDRP): Melissa Mitchell, Tetra Tech

Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Overview: Brian Gathy, UK HMGP

The Local Floodplain Manager’s Toolbox: Alex VanPelt, KDOW

Application of the Infrastructure Resiliency Planning Framework (IRPF): Colie Smith, GRADD

Application of the Infrastructure Resiliency Planning Framework (IRPF): Nick Grinstead, UK HMGP

HMA Non-Disaster Grant Processes: Teresa Ford-Leach, FEMA Region IV

CRS Requirements for the New Elevation Certificate: Roy McClure, FEMA Region IV

Hydrologic Ensemble Forecast Service – A Preparation and Planning Tool: Mary Lamm, NWS Paducah

The Kentucky Floodplain General Permits and use for Nonsubstantial Improvements of Structures: David Coe, KDOW


Landslide Susceptibility and Risk in Eastern Kentucky: An Update for the Kentucky River ADD: 
Matt Crawford, KGS

Building Community Resilience through the State Revolving Fund: Becca Trueman, Quantified Ventures

Managing Substantial Damage: Lori Rafferty, Louisville MSD

GIS in Support of Digital Flood Risk Mapping: Joe Trimboli, USACE Huntington

Making Molehills of Your Mitigation Mountains: Esther White, UK HMGP


Wednesday Sessions

NEW! NWS Flood Inundation Mapping Initiative and Annual Weather Forecast Office Flood/Drought Review: Mary Lamm, Andrea Schoettmer, & Julie Dian-Reed, NWS 

Kentucky Local Emergency Alert System: Tim Bischoff, KET

From Facebook to 501(c)3: How Friends of the Tug Fork is Making Impacts in Their River and Community:
Michaela Lambert, KDOW & John Burchett, Tug Fork


FEMA’s Risk Evaluation Tools for Dams: Michelle Meehan, Stantec

Emergency Action Plan Template for Kentucky Industries: Brandon Brummett & Tammy Markert, USACE 

Reflections on the Sheltowee Trace Trail: Mark Neikirk, NKU

Dam Break! NWS Alerts & Notifications Before, During & After a Dam Break: Andrea Schoettmer, NWS 

KY’s Dam Safety Program: The Basics for the Layperson: Marilyn Thomas & Beth Harrod, KDOW

Resilient and Renewable Energy for Emergency Management: A Unique Microgrid Use Case:
Ludo Roche, Resilient EI & Ben Colgrove, NIHS

Dam Breach Analyses Across the Commonwealth: Mario Sebastiani & Taylor Wiegand, AECOM

Taking Strategic Action to Prepare for Future Floods: Heather Apgar, Tetra Tech

Morehead Flood Mitigation with the GreenSinks Trail Project: Brian Storz, KDOW

What Are the Benefits of Energy Resilience? : Amanda LeMaster, EEC Office of Energy Policy

An Update on WARN – Taking A Grassroots Approach to Serving Weather Vulnerable Populations:
Jane Marie Wix, NWS; Jason York & Joe Sullivan, KYEM

Improving Karst and Sinkhole Hazard Evaluation and Risk Assessment for Kentucky: Hudson Koch & Junfeng Zhu, KGS

Controlling the Mountain Floodgates: Jimmy Stahl & JT Troxell, GPD Group

Evaluating Anthropogenic Impacts on Extreme Flood Events – Letcher County KY: Meredith Swallom, KGS

Flood Risk Communication Efforts in Eastern Kentucky: Charles Goad, USACE Huntington

Thursday Sessions

Defending Your Decision: Keeping an Administrative Record for Enforcement Actions: Alex VanPelt, KDOW

FEMA Building Science Update Overview: John “Bud” Plisich & Jeffrey Mayers, FEMA Building Science

Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance: Kurt Luecke, Floodproofing.com

Is Your Community Living up to Its Full Potential? Taking a Program Prerequisite to CRS Credit:
Melissa Mitchell, Tetra Tech

Kentucky LOMR Review Partner Program –What’s Changing in the Review Process? :
Joshua Hunn, AECOM  & Shawn Hokanson, KDOW

The Cyber Threats are Real: What You Need to Know: Colin Glover & Ryan Lewis, CISA

Disaster Permitting Training: Alex VanPelt, Samantha Vogeler, & David Coe, KDOW

An Overview of Four FEMA BSDS DR-4630-KY Tornado MAT Recently Published Resources:
John “Bud” Plisich & Jeffrey Mayers, FEMA Building Science




We will see you in March for Regional Trainings and
September 16-19 for our 2024 20th Anniversary
Celebration Conference!