2022 Mitigation Project of the Year Nominations

KAMM is requesting nominations for a mitigation project that exemplifies mitigation best practices in the form of local successful projects, programs, or strategies to mitigate natural hazards.

The Awards Committee will utilize a scoring matric for three criteria:  Impact on Community, Community Engagement, and Promotion of Educational Awareness.

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Provide a Mitigation Project Name
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Please provide an email address for the nominee/s involved in the Project, if known. We will contact them to let them know they have been nominated and ask whether they want the nomination.
Describe how the mitigation project and how it has positively impacted the community in a quantifiable way (no more than 150 words). Please give us all names of persons involved with the project.
Describe how the community has been involved in the mitigation project (no more than 150 words).
Describe how the mitigation project has provided knowledge and increased public awareness on hazard mitigation (no more than 150 words).