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Announcing 2022 KAMM Regional Trainings

We are excited to announce in-person training in all four KAMM Regions on Wednesday’s in March!

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March Dates and Agenda Topics

Region I, March 30, 2022

Hopkinsville Public Works Complex

9:00 – 4:30 (CST)

Region I is excited to bring this training day to you packed with sessions related to the severe weather we experienced closing out 2021.  We are going to delve into the topic of coordinating Waste Management in the aftermath of a disaster and long term recovery with Environmental Manager for City of Bowling Green, Matt Powell who has coordinated solid waste management for all of Warren County, Kentucky.  We have two sessions from Dr. Josh Durkee, Director WKU White Squirrel Weather and Megan Schargorodski, WKU, KY Mesonet that focus on operationalizing weather & emergency management services for incident management and response at WKU and utilizing the Mesonet in the Emergency Management Cycle.  We have a session on an innovative new project that began in eastern Kentucky to help increase weather awareness among the Amish and other “off-the-grid” communities in rural areas from Jane Wix at NOAA.  KAMM’s own Esther White will teach us about how to develop successful HMGP Grants in a post disaster environment.  We will be joined by Frank Wallace from the City of Madisonville that will cover the challenges of building codes and rebuilding in the aftermath of the December 2021 tornado that hit Hopkins County.  We will close out the day with an Overview of the deadly long track tornado that ravaged the Commonwealth in December 2021.

Link to Agenda and bios KAMM Region I March 30 Agenda

Region II, March 23, 2022

KIPDA, Louisville

9:00 – 3:45 (EST)

With the end of 2021 bringing Kentucky some of its worst severe convective weather ever, it seems only appropriate to dedicate much of the Region II training to weather-related topics this year.  In fact, four of the five presentations will be weather-related – but will still cover a wide range of activities within the topic. 

In addition to a review of the December 10-11 and January 1 tornadoes from the National Weather Service, we’ll hear about the ground-breaking efforts of WKU’s Meteorology program involving students in emergency management services for incident management and response at WKU.  If that’s not enough to satiate your weather appetite, you’ll hear about an innovative new project that began in eastern Kentucky to help increase weather awareness among the Amish and other “off-the-grid” communities in rural areas. 

For help in putting together future projects, you’ll also hear how you can use the Kentucky Mesonet in the emergency management cycle and find out the latest on NFIP’s RISK Rating 2.0, going into effect in April.  With costly weather events becoming ever more frequent in Kentucky, staying on top of the latest efforts to mitigate their impacts is something we’ll all need to do for the foreseeable future. 

Link to Agenda and bios KAMM Region II March 23 Agenda

Region III, March 16, 2022

Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky (SD1), Fort Wright

10:00 3:00 (EST) Registration Closed

Kentucky is very geographically diverse and with that diversity comes unique challenges from natural hazards.  The northern region of Kentucky is a land of narrow valleys, steep pinnacles, rivers, and many streams which shape the boundaries of our communities.  Come join us for a day of learning and collaborating with local experts in various fields to promote natural hazard mitigation and management specific to the northern region of Kentucky.  The training seminar will include presentations on stream mitigation banking, FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) program, an innovative weather awareness project for rural areas, and floodplain and wetland restoration.  The seminar will also include an interactive tour on-site around the Public Service Park which features many best management practices for controlling stormwater runoff to learn why stormwater management matters.

Link to Final Agenda and bios KAMM Region III March 16 Agenda.  Also, review Parking and Entering SD1 for KAMM Training Instructions

Region IV, March 9, 2022

Natural Bridge State Park, Slade

9:00 – 3:30 (EST) Registration Closed

In light of seemingly non-stop severe weather events in Kentucky, ranging from devastating floods to ice storms, this year’s Region IV training aims to help professionals reduce flood risk while protecting clean water.  Practices that mimic or support the job of natural ecosystems (like wetlands acting as a sponge during flooding events), known as nature-based solutions, provide an approach to decrease flood risk while protecting water quality as well as natural and built habitats. Attendees are provided an opportunity to engage with practitioners from diverse watershed management, agricultural, and civil engineering backgrounds regarding integrated water quality and quantity management, including a mapping exercise to help determine possible sites for implementation.

For guidance on planning and funding projects, attendees will find out the latest on NFIP’s RISK Rating 2.0 (going into effect in April) and gather tips on applying to FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) program.  Ultimately, this training aims to bridge the gap between water quantity-focused stakeholders and their water quality-focused counterparts.

Link to Agenda and bios KAMM Region IV March 9 Agenda


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