2020 KAMM Community Mitigation Grant Recipients

Our Community Mitigation Grant fundraising efforts funded two mitigation projects in 2020 in Perryville and Falmouth.

At the conference, Mario Sebastiani, Grant and Awards Committee Chair, provided an overview of the grant process and introduced the 2019 Grant Recipients. 

Thanks to Chief Andrew Young, Perryville Fire Department and Mike Moore, City of Falmouth for their presentations at the conference.  

2020 Community Grant Award Recipients

City of Perryville

Flood Awareness Equipment – KAMM’s grant of $850 provided funds for equipment such as barricades & flood warning signs to assist in helping to warn the public of high waters in an historic district of the city.

KAMM grant funding to the Perryville Fire Department: 5 plastic barricades, 4 Road Closed signs, and 4 directional arrow signs for diverting traffic. 

Falmouth Area Licking River Sweep

Cleanup 6-miles the Licking River:  KAMM’s grant provided funds for canoe rentals, gloves, and garbage bags to cleanup 6-miles the Licking River.

Elizabethtown Education & Outreach Toolbox

Mitigation Request:  The floodplain simulation tool will help the City to educate its citizens, both young and old regarding the significance of floodplains, how to stay safe during flooding, and what the City does to help keep them safe.  The City has four high hazard flood control dams, and it is important for citizens to be aware of them, especially if there is an emergency. This tool will help facilitate the conveyance of such information.

Floodplain concepts can be coupled with stormwater pollution concepts to help with the educational requirement of the KPDES MS4 permit, as well.

Photo:  Mike Greene delivers flood model
to Rita Davis – Elizabethtown

Community Grant Awards Presentations

Link to the presentations from the 2020 ConferenceCommunity Grant Overview.





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