2019 Regional Training Recap

2019 KAMM Regional Training 

Please join us for training in all four KAMM regions.   Find your region by linking to KAMM Regions 2018.

Download Announcing 2019 KAMM Regional Training.

KAMM Regional 2019 Conference Agendas

We had record attendance at our KAMM Regional meetings!  Link to your Regional Agenda.

Below are the Sign-in for attendance. in all four regions.

Below are dates and agendas for all four regions.  

Region I – March 27 (Central Standard Time) 

1 Day Session:  9:00 am – 3:40 pm CST  –  Lunch provided by KAMM

Hopkinsville Public Work Complex, 705 North Main Street, Hopkinsville

Download the  revised KAMM Region I Agenda Final.

Region II – March 14

1 Day Session: 9:00 am – 3:40 pm   –  Lunch provided by KAMM

Lincoln Trail ADD, 613 College Street Rd, Elizabethtown

Download the KAMM Region II Agenda Final

Regions III and IV Mini-Conferences – Regions III and IV hosted 2-day mini-conferences.  Training included dinner and networking and the next morning, coffee and refreshments and training until noon.


Region III – March 5 – March 6

Day 1: Afternoon Session: 1 – 5:00 pm  – Dinner by KAMM

Day 2: Morning Session: 9 am – Noon

French Quarter Inn, 25 E McDonald Pkwy, Maysville

Download the KAMM Region III Training Agenda Final.

Region IV – March 21 – 22

Day 1: Afternoon Session: 1 – 5:00 pm  – Dinner by KAMM

Day 2: Morning Session:  9 am – Noon

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, 7351 Highway 90, Corbin

Download the KAMM Region IV Training Agenda Final.

Training is free for KAMM members.  KAMM Membership ($25) is based on the calendar year (January – December).  If you haven’t paid 2019 membership dues –  Link here to Join KAMM before you register for the free training.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Have questions, contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  Don’t forget to join the KAMM group on Twitter and LinkedIn.