2019 KAMM Conference Recap

KAMM’s 15th Anniversary! 

2019 KAMM Conference

Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz

KAMM XV: Celebrate the Past, Inspire the Future

September 16, Preconference Day

September 17 – 19,  Annual Conference 

Thank you for attending the Conference!

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Acronyms – Link to our list KAMM Mitigation Acronyms.

Preconference Day – Workshops, Activities & Welcome Fest

2019 Conference Agenda Link:  2019 KAMM Conference Agenda 09 12 2019 Final.

Certificates of Attendance

CEC/PDHs are available to attendees and CFMs, GISPs, PEs and AICPs.  The hours on the certificate are self-reporting.  We provided a paper copy of certificates at the conference. 

If you need a copy, please open KAMM 2019 attendance certificate front and search for your name  (sorted by last name) and print your certificate.  Next, print the KAMM 2019 certificate form with a list of CEC hours, so you can self-report.

Newly Elected KAMM Board 2019 – 2021

KAMM Board positions are for two-years (2019 conference – 2021 conference).  KAMM Board Positions include the five executive roles:

  • Chair – Mike Greene
  • Vice-Chair – Esther White
  • Secretary – Nick Grinstead
  • Treasurer – Ben Conley
  • At-Large – Geni Jo Brawner
  • Immediate Past Chair, At-Large Representative – Carey Johnson

Link to a Summary of the Board Responsibilities KAMM Board Description.

Regional Representatives 

KAMM is divided into four regions.  Find your region by linking to the Link to the KAMM regions 2019.  For a description of the Regional Representatives specific counties in the region, link to KAMM Regional Representatives.

Regional 2019 Conference Agendas

We had record attendance at our KAMM Regional meetings!  Link to your Regional Agenda.


Monday Presentation

USGS Streamgaging 101 – 3-Hour Workshop                            

Presenter: Justin Boldt, USGS


Tuesday Presentations



For more information on the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018, link to FEMA’s DRRA webpage and to an explanation of BRIC.




Wednesday Presentations





Thursday Presentations


The New Norm in Kentucky – It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity – Joe Sullivan – Mary Lamm and Jonathan Guseman – NWS