2017 Conference Recap


Thanks for Attending the 2017 KAMM Annual Conference

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park – Gilbertsville, KY

“KAMM i am…”

August 28, Pre-conference Workshops and Activities 

August 29 – 31 Annual Conference


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Our Conference Theme and Overview

“KAMM i am…”  While brainstorming the conference theme, we embraced the concept that “KAMM i am” can mean many things.  “I” can mean integration such as integrated water resources or resilience approaches,  “A” could be adaptation; such as adapting to a changing world or a local community adapting a program, and “M” is and always will be mitigation.   “i am” can also mean so many more things; things like, “I am the floodplain coordinator/zoning official/GIS specialist/city manager…or, I am an engineer, or I am in over my head…”.   At the conference, we will hear success stories so our mitigation community can be successful by integrating, adapting, and mitigating at the local level.  

The Conference this year has several presentations and workshops catering to mitigation managers at many skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Some examples of beginner presentations include ‘So I’m the Floodplain Coordinator, Now What?’, ‘Best Practices for Hazard Mitigation Planning’, and ‘Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants’.  Examples of Intermediate presentations include ‘FEMA HMGP Acquisitions & the NFIP’, ‘Landslides in Kentucky: Mapping, Modeling, and Collaborating’, and ‘Using ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) Funds for Mitigation’.  

These presentations and workshops are being conducted by a wide range of individuals and organizations, so this is a great opportunity to interact with people from other agencies and communities.  Some of these agencies include the KY Division of Water, KY Emergency Management, KY Department for Local Government, FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Weather Service, local officials, and more.


2017 KAMM Conference Presentations

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New Members:  2017 KAMM Orientation – Sarah Taylor

August 28, Monday


August 29, Tuesday

Plenary – 2017 KAMM State of the2017 KAMM State of the Union – Carey Johnson Union – Carey Johnson

30-minute Concurrents

50-minute Concurrents

30-minute Concurrents


50-minute Concurrents


August 30 Wednesday

Plenary – Kentucky Silver Jackets

30-minute Concurrents

50-minute Concurrents


50-minute Concurrents

30-minute Concurrents


August 31, Thursday

Plenary – After the Storm – The Migration of NWS Damage Surveys into the GIS World – Joe Sullivan

Plenary –Transformative Integration at the Kentucky Geological Survey Providing Better Support for Natural Hazard Mitigation and Resiliency – Drew AndrewsWilliam Andrews, KGS

30-minute Concurrents

Congratulations to … 

Brian Bishop – 2017 Floodplain Manager of the Year 

Brian Bishop, Executive Director 

Henderson City-County Planning Commission

Brian receives the award from 2016 Floodplain Manager of the Year, Toby Spalding


Emory Kidd – 2017 Mitigation Manager of the Year  

Emory Kidd, Director

Metcalfe County Emergency Management

Emory receives the award from 2016 Mitigation Manager of the Year, Amanda LeMaster 


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August 28, Pre-conference Workshops and Activities 

August 29 – 31 Annual KAMM Conference

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