Guidance for Floodplain Managers

Required Guidance for the Floodplain Coordinator

Following are the resources every Floodplain Coordinator should rely on for guidance. These documents are referenced on other KAMM webpages, but here you have it in one place!

Learn the A, B, C’s of floodplain management. Follow the links to the guidance documents.

  1. NFIP Technical Bulletins,
  2. FEMA 480, “NFIP Floodplain Management Requirements, A Study Guide and Desk Reference for Local Officials,” about 15 years old and incomplete in some respects, so be sure to pair with more recent guidance documents.
  3. FEMA P-758, “SI/SD Desk Reference.”
  4. FEMA 213. “Answers to Questions about Substantially Improved/Substantially Damaged Build­ings”
  5. FEMA P-85, “Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards”. Be sure to check out some pre-engineered foundation solutions.
  6. FEMA P-348, “Protecting Building Utility Systems from Flood Damage.”
  7. FEMA P-936, “Floodproofing Non-residential Buildings.”
  8. FEMA P-499, “Homebuilder’s Guide to Coastal Construction,” in a handy fact sheet format, with lots of illustrations and content that are valuable in all flood zones, including riverine communi­ties.
  9. Non-engineered Opening Guide, chock full of pictures and measurements of common products, not a FEMA publication.
  10. For states and communities that enforce building codes, download and review the following from the FEMA Building Science webpage for Building Code Resources: