Registration for 404/401 Water Quality Permits: An Introduction Webinar

Registration for 404/401 Water Quality Permits: An Introduction Webinar - August 21

404/401 Water Quality Permits: An Introduction Webinar

One of the jobs of the local floodplain coordinator is to ensure that “…all other required state and federal permits have been obtained…” While there are a variety of permits that may be required, depending on what the applicant is doing, one of the most commonly required permits is a 404 permit & a 401 certification.

While floodplain permits are required anytime you develop in a mapped floodplain, a 404 permit & 401 certification are required anytime fill materials are dumped, placed, or dredged in the waters of the U.S. Permits are required including stream crossings such as bridges & culverts, stream bank stabilizations projects, or removing materials from a stream (i.e. dredging).

This 60-minute introductory webinar will cover the basics of the Clean Water Act and the 404/401 permits in Kentucky. This training will focus on the key elements of 404/401 permitting such as programmatic goals and requirements, how the 404 permit and the 401 certifications work together, differences between individual and general permits/certifications, examples of activities that requires a permit, available tools, and best practices.

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