Past KAMM Mitigation Awards

Mitigation Manager of the Year Began in 2012

Past winners include:

•  Justin Gray in 2012 for Maple Street buyouts in West Louisville

•  Esther White in 2013 for exemplary work with local communities

•  Geni Jo Brawner in 2014 for outstanding leadership in managing the Commonwealth’s mitigation programs

•  Cindy Minter in 2015 for entering several Campbell County communities into the Community Rating System (CRS)

•  Amanda LeMaster in 2016 for managing numerous mitigation projects for KYEM

•  Emory Kidd from Metcalfe County in 2017

•  Great Saltpetre Preserve of the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy in 2018

•  John JP Carsone in 2019, Louisville MSD



KAMM Floodplain Manager of the Year Began in 2013

Past winners include:

•  Jason Hart for the City of Richmond Water Street project in 2013

•  Jimmy Kiser for repetitive loss buyouts in Pike County in 2014

•  Dave Herndon, Hopkinsville for stormwater initiatives in 2015

•  Toby Spalding, Radcliff, for managing the Quiggins/Happy Valley Sinkhole Drainage Mitigation Project in 2016

•  Brian Bishop, Henderson County in 2017

•  Brian Thompson, City of Falmouth in 2018