KAMM Mitigation Awardees

Listed below are the Individuals and Projects receiving an annual Mitigation Award. Congratulations to the recipients of these prestigious awards.

KAMM Mitigation Awardees


Mitigation Manager of the Year Began in 2012

Award winners include:

  • Justin Gray in 2012 for Maple Street buyouts in West Louisville

  • Esther White in 2013 for exemplary work with local communities

  • Geni Jo Brawner in 2014 for outstanding leadership in managing the Commonwealth’s mitigation programs

  • Cindy Minter in 2015 for entering several Campbell County communities into the Community Rating System (CRS)

  • Amanda LeMaster in 2016 for managing numerous mitigation projects for KYEM

  • Emory Kidd from Metcalfe County in 2017

  • John JP Carsone in 2019, Louisville MSD

  • Joe Sullivan, Louisville NWS, in 2020


KAMM Floodplain Manager of the Year Began in 2013

Award winners include:

•  Jason Hart for the City of Richmond Water Street project in 2013

•  Jimmy Kiser for repetitive loss buyouts in Pike County in 2014

•  Dave Herndon, Hopkinsville for stormwater initiatives in 2015

•  Toby Spalding, Radcliff, for managing the Quiggins/Happy Valley Sinkhole Drainage Mitigation Project in 2016

•  Brian Bishop, Henderson County in 2017

•  Brian Thompson, City of Falmouth in 2018

KAMM Project of the Year Began in 2018

Award winners include:

  • Great Saltpetre Preserve of the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy in 2018


  • City of Wayland Drainage Improvements in 2019