Nomination – 2018 Mitigation of the Year Awards


2018 Mitigation of the Year Awards

KAMM is pleased to announce that it is receiving nominations for the 2018 KAMM Mitigation Awards!  Do you know an individual, a representative of a community or agency, or a project that exemplifies mitigation and floodplain management best practices?  If so, please nominate them for an award. 

KAMM will recognize a Floodplain Manager of the Year, Mitigation Manager of the Year, and Mitigation Project of the Year.  Has your community implemented a successful mitigation project?  Is there an exemplary leader who is promoting resiliency through mitigation?  Have you observed partnerships or collaborations that strengthened mitigation in your community?  Nominate them!  These efforts deserve recognition, and KAMM wants to share the success stories that might otherwise go unacknowledged.

The nominee may be a successful strategy, project, or program or an individual who has made a positive impact within a community or an agency working to promote the benefits of hazard mitigation.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Link to the 2018 KAMM Award Nomination Announcement Final

The 2018 Award Winners will receive:

  • Recognition at the 2018 Annual Conference
  • 2018 Award Plaque
  • A complimentary 2019 KAMM annual conference registration
  • Opportunity to present at the 2019 KAMM annual conference

Floodplain Managers of the Year winners

  • Jason Hart for the City of Richmond Water Street project in 2013
  • Jimmy Kiser for repetitive loss buyouts in Pike County in 2014
  • Dave Herndon from Hopkinsville for stormwater initiatives in 2015
  • Toby Spalding from City of Radcliff for acquisition of four properties due to sinkholes pockmarking the area in 2016
  • Brian Bishop from Henderson County for bringing the City of Henderson and Henderson County into the CRS and completing the first Repetitive Loss Area Analysis in Kentucky in 2017

Mitigation Managers of the Year winners

  • Justin Gray in 2012 for Maple Street buyouts in West Louisville
  • Esther White in 2013 for exemplary work with local communities
  • Geni Jo Brawner in 2014 for outstanding leadership in managing the Commonwealth’s mitigation programs
  • Cindy Minter in 2015 for entering several Campbell County communities into the Community Rating System (CRS)
  • Amanda LeMaster in 2016 for exemplary work with local communities
  • Emory Kidd in 2017 for multiple preparedness initiatives in Metcalfe County

Submit nominations to KAMM no later than August 3, 2018.  


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Nomination for 2018 Mitigation Award of the Year

KAMM is requesting nominations for an individual or a representative of a community or agency that exemplifies mitigation best practices in the form of local successful projects or programs, leadership and collaboration, and projects or strategies to mitigate natural hazards.

Please complete the following information.

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