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Technical Bulletins Updates

March 2019

What are the NFIP Technical Bulletins?  FEMA Technical Bulletins (TBs) provide guidance for complying with the minimum National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) floodplain management requirements pertaining to building performance.  Eleven Bulletins, covering a range of topics, were released from 1993 to 2010.  The Bulletins are primarily for use by state and local officials responsible for interpreting and enforcing building codes and NFIP regulations.  They are also helpful to design professionals, builders, and homeowners.

How are the NFIP Technical Bulletins changing?  The Bulletins are changing to modernize and streamline their content and presentation.  The updated TBs will:

  • incorporate relevant information from the latest International Codes® (I-Codes®) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standards,
  • provide updated guidance and best practices observed from post-disaster assessments
  • address known issues identified by a wide range of stakeholders.

These changes are intended to improve the TBs’ usability, credibility, and content while presenting them in a streamlined format.  Overarching additions will include new introductory text, updated tables, figures, photos, and references along with a section on applicable codes and standards.  All updated TBs will have tables comparing codes/ standards to the NFIP regulations.  The 2018 I-Codes and ASCE 24-14 are used as the base codes and standards with the changes from the 2015 and 2012 I-Codes and ASCE 24-05 referenced.  Incorporating information and references from the most recent consensus codes and standards keep the Technical Bulletins current and aligned with the field’s latest concepts and advances.

Download the Update to NFIP Technical Bulletins.


As of April 2017, the following Technical Bulletins are available.  Follow the links.


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