KAMM’s Community Fundraiser 2020 – Monetary Donation

KAMM’s Community Fundraiser 2020 – Monetary Donation

KAMM is excited to announce our Community Fundraiser.

Please give a monetary donation to our Community Grant Fundraiser.  

Proceeds from the auction will go to the KAMM Community Grant Fund, which was established to invest in mitigation projects across the Commonwealth.

Funds from previous conferences have supported KAMM’s mission and most importantly the KAMM Community Mitigation Grant Fund.  Last year the Community Mitigation Grant was able to support two local governments by providing funding for a variety of projects for mitigating natural hazards.

Please consider donating to help support the KAMM Community Mitigation Fund and KAMM’s mission.

KAMM Cash Donation and Raffle

For every $5 you donate, your name will be entered into the KAMM Community Fundraiser Raffle.

We setup an easy way for you to contribute through PayPal. A small fee will be accessed for your donation (pennies).

Two Ways to Contribute Cash

Use PayPal or QR Code.

Link to PayPalKAMM Community Fundraiser Cash Donation.

A small fee will be added, pennies on the dollar, to use the PayPal service.


Or use our QR Code.






Raffle Drawing

Kentucky Branded $100 Gift Certificate

Link to Kentucky Branded

Donation by KAMM

Winner selected at the KAMM Happy Hour, Wednesday, 5:00 pm. 














Have questions or want to talk about the donation, contact us at fundraiser@kymitigation.org.

Thank you for contributing to the Community Grant Fundraiser

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KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.  

Have questions, contact us at kentuckymitigation@gmail.com.