KAMM Regional Info


KAMM’s Four Regions

KAMM is divided into four regions.  Find your region by linking to the 2017/18 KAMM regions .  For more information, read our Regional Representative Fact Sheet (PDF).


2017 KAMM Annual Conference Regional Notes

KAMM Regions met in a work group at the annual KAMM Conference.  Link below to the 2017 KAMM notes from each region.

Region I –

Region II – KAMM Region II 2017 Conference Mtg

Region III – KAMM Region III – 2017 Conference Notes

Region IV – KAMM Region IV- 2017 Conference Notes



KAMM’s Four Regional Representatives

Please feel free to contact your Regional Representative.  

John Ward – Region I Representative

Email: JWard@Kymitigation.org

Phone: 270-395-7138


Sarah Taylor– Region II Representative

Email: sarah.taylor@geomorphics.com


Geni Jo Brawner  – Region III Representative

Phone: 502- 607-5797


Nick Grinstead – Region IV Representative

Email:  NGrinstead@Kymitigation.org

Phone:  859-257-3809


Past KAMM Regional Training Overview 

We have an overview of past Regional Trainings that you can use as a resource.  Recaps include the agenda and links to presentations.   

2016 KAMM Regional Training Overview/ Recap

Link to the 2016 Regional Training Presentations


2017 KAMM Regional Training Overview/ Recap

Link to the 2017 Regional Training Presentations







Have questions, contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  Don’t forget to join the KAMM group on LinkedIn and Facebook.