KAMM Regional Info


Four KAMM Regions

KAMM is divided into four regions.  


RECAP 2018 KAMM Regional Training Agendas and Presentations 

Link to the 2018 KAMM Regional Training Introduction


Region  Regional Rep      Date           Duration      Training Locations

          John Ward             May 10            1 Day                 Calvert City Hall, 861 E. 5th Avenue, Calvert City



II          Sarah Taylor           May 15           1 Day                Lincoln Trail ADD, 613 College St. Rd, Elizabethtown



III         Geni Jo Brawner     April 24-25*    2 Days          Blue Lick SRP Lodge, 10299 Maysville Rd, Carlisle



IV         Nick Grinstead      May 22 – 23*     2 Days         Jenny Wiley SRP, 75 Theatre Ct, Prestonsburg



2017 KAMM Annual Conference Regional Notes

KAMM Regions met in a work group at the annual KAMM Conference.  Link below to the 2017 KAMM notes from each region.

Region I –

Region II – KAMM Region II 2017 Conference Mtg

Region III – KAMM Region III – 2017 Conference Notes

Region IV – KAMM Region IV- 2017 Conference Notes



KAMM’s Four Regional Representatives

Please feel free to contact your Regional Representative.  


Angela Herndon – Region I Representative

Email:  aherndon@comdev-services.com

Phone: 270-887-4285


Sarah Taylor– Region II Representative

Email: sarah.taylor@geomorphics.com


Geni Jo Brawner  – Region III Representative

Phone: 502- 607-5797


Nick Grinstead – Region IV Representative

Email:  NGrinstead@Kymitigation.org

Phone:  859-257-3809


Past KAMM Regional Training Overview 

We have an overview of past Regional Trainings that you can use as a resource.  Recaps include the agenda and links to presentations.   
2015 KAMM Regional Training Overview/ Recap


2016 KAMM Regional Training Overview/ Recap

Link to the 2016 Regional Training Presentations


2017 KAMM Regional Training Overview/ Recap

Link to the 2017 Regional Training Presentations







Have questions, contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  Don’t forget to join the KAMM group on LinkedIn and Facebook.