KAMM’s Community Fundraiser – 2019


KAMM’s Community Fundraiser – 2019


KAMM is excited to announce our Third Community Fundraiser (formerly known as the “Silent Auction”).

Help us celebrate our 15th birthday by sharing a donation!

Proceeds go to the KAMM Community Grant Fund, which was recently established to invest in mitigation projects across the Commonwealth.

We are accepting individual items or gift baskets.  Kentucky-crafted items are encouraged!  Previous donations have included arts & crafts, jewelry, gift baskets, coffee, cooler, games, wine, beer, and bourbon.  Get the idea?  

Donations are tax-deductible.  

The fundraising event kicks off Monday, September 16, at the KAMM Welcome Fest & 15th Birthday Party and will close Wednesday at 5:30.  

Be sure to check out the fundraiser event in the vendors/exhibits area in the Tennessee room. 

Please Note:  Items valued under $10 are always welcome, but may be combined with other items.

Any questions about the fundraiser, please contact Cindy:  cminter@campbellcountyky.org


KAMM’s Community Fundraiser – 2019

KAMM’s Community Fundraiser – 2019

Thank you for donating an item to KAMM's Community Fundraiser – 2019!
Please complete the form below. Once you submit, you will receive an auto-confirmation. The auto-confirmation will serve as your tax-donation receipt.

Please bring your donation to the conference and drop it off at the Conference Center on September 16. We will be setting up the Silent Auction during the day, so drop in.

You will receive an email as a registration auto-confirmation/invoice. To add someone else to the auto-confirmation, see below.
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KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.  

Have questions, contact us at kentuckymitigation@gmail.com.