2019 KAMM Membership Benefits

Membership is based on the calendar year.Annual KAMM membership includes

  1. Professional development training opportunities in KAMM Regions 2018
  2. Discounted rate at the annual KAMM Conference *
  3. KAMM newsletters and monthly E-News
  4. Opportunities to provide input on issues important to you and your community to state and national leaders
  5. Ability to nominate members to the KAMM Board two-year terms
  6. Voting rights in KAMM Board elections
  7. Opportunity to serve on a KAMM committee
  8. Chance to nominate for Annual awards
  9. Opportunities to network with other KAMM members and share success stories

* KAMM sponsors an annual conference to promote mitigation awareness and as a forum for local, state, and federal officials to educate the public.

KAMM Membership dues apply to the calendar year, so membership always runs from January 1 – December 31.  If you become a member after October 1st, your membership dues will apply to membership for the remainder of the current year and all of the following year.


Joining KAMM has never been easier!   KAMM offers three membership levels: Individual ($25) and Student ($10); and Agency/Organization ($250).   Membership is based on the calendar year.  Any payments and registrations after October will be applied to the following calendar year. 

Individual Membership Options:  KAMM offers two ways to register as an Individual Member, according to your payment method.   You can pay by following the appropriate link below.

Pay by Credit Card/ PayPal Option: Click Pay by Credit Card.

Pay by Check Option:  Click Pay by Check.Mail the check to KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.

Agency/Organization Membership Options:  Register up to 10 members as an Agency/Organization.  The group payment is for public and private agencies or organizations, up to 10 people.  KAMM offers two easy ways to register as an Agency/Organization Member, according to your payment method.  You can pay by following the appropriate link below.

Pay by Credit Card/ PayPal OptionPay by Credit Card

Pay by Check Option:  Pay By Check.