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FEMA Elevation Certificate Videos

December 18, 2020

The CRS Program has just released 8 videos that cover training on the FEMA Elevation Certificate (EC).  The videos describe each Section of the EC and explain which fields on the form are required for CRS purposes and why.  Each video explains the most common errors we see on the forms and how to avoid them.  We also have 2 videos covering general issues associated with ECs such as form date rules, page rules, how to handle annexations, how to handle Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) changes after a building is permitted, and how to document different kinds of buildings.  And lastly, we have a video on how to correct and EC once you find one with errors.

The videos should be watched beginning with Section A of the form, and ending with “How to Correct an Elevation Certificate.” They are intended to serve community officials, but please feel free to share these videos with the surveyors, engineers, and architects in your community who fill out these forms.  They will benefit greatly from them as well.   

  1. How To Fill Out Section A For CRS Purposes
  2. How to Fill Out Section B For CRS Purposes
  3. How to Fill Out Section C & D For CRS Purposes
  4. How to Fill Out Section E & F For CRS Purposes
  5. How to Fill Out Section G For CRS Purposes
  6. General Issues, Part 1
  7. General Issues, Part 2
  8. How To Correct an EC

Link to the videos

CRS Webinars

The CRS Webinar Series provides training opportunities.  The Series includes basic introductory sessions and more advanced topics, most averaging about an hour in length.

The CRS Webinar Series provides training opportunities to communities that are not yet participating in the Community Rating System or local government staff that are new to the CRS, and to local government staff with experience in the CRS.  The Series includes basic introductory sessions and more advanced topics, most averaging about an hour in length.

2021 CRS Webinars

The CRS offers one-hour webinars to help communities understand and meet their CRS requirements.  

Registration is free but required, as space is limited. Some courses provide continuing education credits for certified floodplain managers (CFMs).

See all of the CRS webinar trainings available on the CRS Resources website.  All webinars begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific.      

July 20                   Preparing for an Annual Recertification

July 21                   Developing a PPI and an Insurance Coverage Improvement Plan

August 17            Preparing a Verification Visit

August 18            Flood Warning & Response (Activity 610)

September 21    Preparing an Annual Recertification

October 12          Introduction to the CRS

October 13          Floodplain Management Planning (Activity 510)

November 16     CRS & Substantial Damage Properties Management Plans

November 17     Watershed Master Planning

Registration – Click here and type “CRS” in the search field to view webinars that are now open for registration.

If you have questions about or suggestions for the CRS Webinar Series, contact

Emergency Management Institute CRS Courses

CRS training opportunities are offered throughout the year at the FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI).  The course is free, and travel expenses are covered for those accepted to the EMI.

Floodplain Coordinators encouraged to attend Managing Floodplain Development thru the NFIP (E0273).

New CRS coordinators are encouraged to attend the 4-day CRS class (E278).

Click here for course information and schedules..


NFIP/CRS Newsletters

The CRS Update Newsletter is a publication to provide local officials and others interested in the CRS with news they can use.

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