CRS User’s Group

Community Rating System (CRS) User’s Group

KAMM’s CRS User Group Committee

To join the committee or for information, please contact Co-Leaders: Christina Groves, Dave Herndon and Cindy Minter.  Board Mentor is Carey Johnson.

Contact us at

Overarching goals of KAMM CRS Users Group: 

1) Increase CRS participation in NFIP communities

2) Increase CRS ranking for current CRS communities


  • Inform ASFPM that KAMM CRS Users Group exists
  • Setup CRS Users Group schedule
  • Develop agendas for and set up quarterly or monthly calls for entire group
  • Developing a “steering committee” schedule

KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.

Have questions, contact us at  Don’t forget to join the KAMM group on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter..