CRS 2021 Updates

CRS Update Resources

Class 9 Prerequisite

The CRS program has always required communities to collect and maintain Elevation Certificates for communities to be a CRS Class 9.  Details of what must be correct on them and information about other required construction certificates has traditionally been included under Activity 310.  The CRS program required a 90% accuracy for all Elevation Certificates collected by a community.

In 2021, the CRS will be issuing an addendum to the 2017 Manual that clarifies the Activity 310 requirements.  This addendum will become effective January 1, 2021 meaning all elevation certificates collected beyond then will be held to this new standard

Link to a 25 minute webinarCRS Resources Training & Video; search for “CRS Activity 310 Changes for 2021

Class 8 Prerequisite

Previously, there was no prerequisite requirements for communities to become a CRS Class 8.  In 2021, the CRS will be issuing an addendum to the 2017 Manual that will implement a new Class 8 prerequisite for freeboard for all new and currently participating CRS communities. 

The Class 8 freeboard prerequisite affects Class 5 through Class 8 communities.  Communities in Classes 1 through 4 already meet the new freeboard prerequisite and Class 9 communities will not be affected. 

Read the CRS Class 8 Freeboard Prerequisite FAQ to learn more.

New Process for Repetitive Loss Data

FEMA is making changes to their Repetitive Loss data protocols. 

ISO will no longer distribute NFIP repetitive loss data to CRS communities.  All communities must request repetitive loss data (repetitive loss lists) directly from the FEMA Regional Office.  Communities in a verification cycle visit sill requires a current repetitive loss property list, and new communities applying for CRS entry also will need a current list.

Before repetitive loss data can be provided by the FEMA Regional 4 or DOW, communities must have an Information Sharing and Access Agreement (ISAA) in place with FEMA. 

The ISAA is a written form that must be fully executed before FEMA may release any NFIP data to the community.