2020 Regional Training Registration

2020 KAMM Regional Training Registration

We are excited to bring so many training options to KAMM's four regions.

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*Training is free for KAMM members. Membership ($25) is based on the calendar year. Please become a KAMM Member and pay membership dues before attending the training.
1-Day Training, lunch included. Regional Rep Angela Herndon
2- Day Regional Training, lunch included. Regional Rep Sarah Taylor
2- Day Regional Trainng, dinner included. Regional Rep Alex VanPelt. For overnight accommodations, Room Rate $59.95, KAMM Group. call (606) 473-7324.
2- Day Regional Training, dinner included. Regional Rep Katherine Osborne. For overnight accommodations, Room Rate: $89.95, KAMM Group Code: 5316. Call 606-889-1790.
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