2019 KAMM Mitigation Award Nominations 


2019 KAMM Mitigation Award Nominations 

KAMM is pleased to announce that it is receiving nominations from KAMM members for the 2019 KAMM Mitigation Awards!  Do you know an individual, a representative of a community or agency, or a project that exemplifies mitigation?  If so, please nominate them for an award. 

KAMM will recognize a Mitigation Manager of the Year and a Mitigation Project of the Year.  Has your community implemented a successful mitigation project?  Is there an exemplary leader who is promoting resiliency through mitigation?  Have you observed partnerships or collaborations that strengthened mitigation in your community?  Nominate them!  These efforts deserve recognition, and KAMM wants to share the success stories that might otherwise go unacknowledged.  The nominee may be a successful strategy, project, or program, or individual who has made a positive impact within a community or an agency working to promote the benefits of hazard mitigation.  

The 2019 Award Winners will receive:

  • Recognition at the 2019 Annual Conference
  • A 2019 Award Plaque
  • A complimentary 2020 KAMM annual conference registration
  • An opportunity to present at the 2020 KAMM annual conference

Submit nominations by deadline, August 30, 2019  

Nominees:  Announcement of the award nominees will be posted on the KAMM website before the conference.  KAMM will announce the winners at the conference.


Nomination for 2019 Mitigation Awards of the Year

KAMM is requesting nominations for an individual or a representative of a community or agency that exemplifies mitigation best practices in the form of local successful projects or programs, leadership and collaboration, and projects or strategies to mitigate natural hazards.

Please complete the following information.

If you want to nominate for both awards, complete this form for each nomination.

You must be a KAMM member to nominate.
You will receive an auto confirmation of the nomination.
Select the award type.
Name of person, you are nominating.
Name of the project, community or agency you are nominating.
Please provide an email address for the nominee, if known. We will contact them to let them know they have been nominated and ask whether they want the nomination.
What city, county, agency, district, etc...
Please be thorough in your justification. We will use this description during the award ceremony for the award winner Please give us all names of persons involved with a project.

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