KAMM Board Nominations


KAMM was formed in order to promote natural hazard mitigation and management in Kentucky.  Our members represent local floodplain coordinators, planning and zoning officials, engineers, surveyors, GIS specialists, hydrologists, public safety and emergency managers.

Purpose of KAMM: To provide a forum for floodplain coordinators, emergency and mitigation managers, engineers, code enforcement officials and surveyors.


2017 KAMM Board Elections – Submit a Nominee

KAMM Board positions are for two-years (2017 conference – 2019 conference).

KAMM Board Positions include the five executive roles:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • At-Large

Read a description of the KAMM Executive Board responsibilities, link to KAMM Executive Board description.

The last day to submit a nomination is August 14.  

Who can Vote for a KAMM Board member?  2017 KAMM members.

Who can be a Board member?  Nominated KAMM Board members must be a KAMM member at the time of nomination.  All nominations will be verified.

Announcing Nominees:  Announcement of the nominees will be posted on the KAMM website before the conference.


2017 KAMM Board Election Ballot

2017 KAMM Board Election Ballot

The election of officers shall take place at the annual meeting. Election shall be by a majority of all votes cast by members in good standing. The officers shall hold office for two years. There are no term limits.

Please nominate a KAMM member by typing in their name in the fields below. Please do not nominate a person for more than one position. Nominees will be notified August 15 to verify their interest in being a KAMM Board member.

Nomination for Chair
Nomination for Vice Chair
Nomination for Secretary
Nomination for Treasurer
Nomination for At-Large Representative
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Meet the Nominees and Elections at the Annual Conference

On the first day of the annual conference, during our opening Plenary, KAMM Board candidates (nominees) will introduce themselves to the membership.  

KAMM members will submit a ballot to vote on the Board members by 5:00 pm August 30.  The newly elected KAMM Board will be announced at the KAMM Cook-Out.


Regional Representatives – 2 Positions Open

Two regional representative positions are also open for a two-year term: Regions II and IV.  KAMM members may serve as a Regional Representative and are nominated during KAMM Regional Meetings.  

KAMM is divided into four regions.  Find your region by linking to the KAMM regions 2015.

For a description of the Regional Representatives specific counties in the region and their responsibilities, link to KAMM Regional Representatives.





Have questions, contact us at kentuckymitigation@gmail.com.