2018 KAMM Conference Recap


2018 KAMM Conference 

Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz

Mitigation Superheroes: Investing in Our Communities

September 17, Preconference workshops and activities

September 18 – 20, 2018


Thank you for attending the conference!  

We had a great conference planned with speakers on various mitigation topics.  Given that Hurricane Florence scooped up all of FEMA speakers, we mitigated and rearranged the schedule at the last minute.  We appreciate all of the folks who volunteered and helped fill the gaps.  


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KAMM Professional Development

Self-reporting Certificates of Completion for the preconference activities and the conference will be available Thursday.  KAMM has worked with ASFPM, KYEM, DLG, and APA to develop pre-defined CECs for CFMs, Emergency Managers, Local Officials, and Planners.  We will post a contact list and signed roster on the website for your use.  We are happy to continue working with other agencies to provide professional development certifications to KAMM members.

  • CFM Preconference, Monday: four-hour workshops – 3.5 CECs each (SDE and LEPC); 2-hour workshop – 2 CECs (Weather Spotter).  Annual Conference, 11 CECs: Tuesday- 5.5 CECs; Wednesday- 5.5 CECs.
  • AICP:  CECs available on the APA CM page once the conference takes place.  Link to the agenda and CECs for each session https://www.planning.org/events/eventmulti/9156404/

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Print your individual 2018 Certificates for print from this list.  Also, print the KAMM 2018 certificate back side so you can self-report.   


KAMM Presentations



2018 KAMM State of the Union – Carey Johnson

Past KAMM Awards= 2018

Kentucky Risk Assessment Plenary

Concurrent Sessions

100 Percent Passive No Manpower No Electricity – Victor Althoff

Commonwealth of Kentucky Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan – Nick Grinstead

Communicating Flood Risk to the Public – Lori Rafferty & Matt Schaaf

Elevation or Demolition of Structures In Flood Hazard – Jim Urban

Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants for Mitigation Superheroes – Esther White

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs – Geni Jo Brawner

Hazard Mitigation Planning…What Does Success Look Like – Josh Human


NFIP 101 – Alex VanPelt

Probable Maximum Precipitation-How The Process Has Improved and Where We Are Headed – Bill Kappel

Statewide HAZUS Level 2 Risk Assessment – Mike Greene & Emily Groves

Structure Based Risk Assessments – Carey Johnson & Katelyn Henry



Concurrent Sessions

A Program Approach to Bridge Building – Marshall Carrier

all You ever needed or wanted to know about usace – Brandon Brummett

Mission (Finally) Accomplished – Reissuing the Phase II MS4 Permit – Abigail Rains

Cashing In on Stream Restoration – Sarah Taylor

Churchill Downs Green Infrastructure – Neal Crawford

Common FP Permit & EC Errors – Alex VanPelt

Commonwealth of Kentucky National Levee Inventory & Review – Ashley Stephens Dan Frank & David Lasoski

Dam Breach Analysis – 1D vs. 2D – Mario Sebastiani

Don’t Leave 406 Hazard Mitigation Funding on the Table! – Laurel Matula & Jimmy Stahl

Emergency Management, Hazard Mitigation, and Nonpoint Source Programs Planning Together Today for Resilient Community Watersheds of Tomorrow – Alanna Conley & Esther White

Flood Inundation Mapping – Justin Boldt

Floodplain Inundation Mapping using Combined One-Dimensional Two-Dimensional (1D2D) Models – Kevin Miller

Future of Floodplain – Alex VanPelt

Incorporating Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID) into State Hazard Mitigation Plans – Drew Parker

Introduction to Simple Low Impact Development (LID) Stormwater Treatment Design – a Case Study – Dale Salmon

Preparing a Community for Natural Disasters through Notification Systems and Tornado Safe Rooms – Emory Kidd

Scenic Lake Dam Rehabilitation & Improvements Project – Liquefaction Analysis and Deep Mixing Method (DMM)

Construction – Marilyn Thomas Sean Craig & Doug Barber

Targeted Stream Restoration – Jim Turner



Concurrent Sessions

10 lessons learned from 20+ flood response plans – Shelia McKinley

Common Ground The Connections between Emergency Management and Floodplain Management – Tony Edwards Jason York & Bobby Carpenter

Drone Support in 2018 Flooding in Campbell County for ROI – Ryan Hermann & Cindy Minter

Hydrologic Warning Systems and the National Hydrologic Warning Council – Bradley Heilwagen

I-69 Ohio river crossing History and hydraulic Update – Marshall Carrier Large Scale Automated Engineering (LSAE) – Matthew Stoffer & Patrick Creager









KAMM mailing address: KAMM, PO Box 1016, Frankfort, KY 40602-1016.  

Have questions, contact us at help@kymitigation.org.  Don’t forget to join the KAMM group on LinkedIn and Facebook.